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Welcome to the self-defense magazine website.  This website was created by a martial artist who has taken self-defenses classes and wanted a way to provide information for those looking to learn, enhance or improve their skills.

Self-Defense is not martial arts.  It differs from martial arts as today one is used for self preservation and the other is used for sport.  When I began taking martial arts classes it was to learn the technique of the discipline of karate, but when I took self-defense it was to learn how to protect myself.  

The biggest difference can be explained by observing the following scenarios:  with martial arts, usually one enters into a class or match and is prepared beforehand by their sensei, so that they expect to attack and be attacked with a distinctive set of skills and techniques.  However, when one applies the techniques learned in a self-defense class, it is usually because they are surprised, unprepared and must under a variety of conditions be able to think, focus, be extremely accurate in order to be effective in not only applying the skills they have learned, but be able to adapt to whatever type of skills their attacker or attackers are utilizing.  You never know what they know and they do not know what you know.  Everything is unplanned and this is a very dangerous situation to be in especially if you are unprepared.  

Never use the skills you learn in a martial arts class for any purpose other than sport.  Never use skills leaned in a self-defense class for anything other than protection.  Flee if you can, protect yourself, not your belongings, and learn as many martial arts disciplines or self-defense techniques as you can, so you will be able to apply the techniques best suitable for you to the best of your ability in any situation or condition.

~Michelle, Martial Artist




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